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Dress Code

Around Camp

Our desire is that the way we dress and act will glorify God rather than ourselves. To accomplish this we have set these dress code standards in place:

• T-Shirts only. No tank tops.

• Shirts must cover the bottom if wearing biker shorts or leggings.

• Shorts must come to just above the knee.

At the Pool

• Girls: Bathing suits must either be one piece, a modest tankini, or they must wear a non-white shirt over their bikini top.

• Boys: Wear swim trunks or basketball shorts

To Bring or Not to Bring...

To Bring

• Your Bible

• Clothing (See Dress Code)

• Swimsuit and cover-up

• Bedding for twin size bunk or sleeping bag

• Toiletries, including soap

• Flashlight

• Sunscreen, no oil based

• Insect repellent

• Notebook, pencils

• Camera, if desired

• A Good Attitude! It is expected that Christian principles will guide our young people’s behavior.

NOT to Bring



• Knives

• Fireworks

• Anything that is unsuitable for Christian conduct.

Phone Calls

Calls home are allowed only for emergency situations.

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